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Why do I write about space and sustainability?

In short, here’s my story…

After spending more than three years writing hundreds of articles on all sorts of topics, I started to get restless. Despite still enamored with my job, I felt like something was missing. I had to find my dream vocation.

So, I sat myself down for a one-on-one. Me and myself.

The realization that ensued from this internal conversation was that spreading thin across many domains was not my calling. I had to find a niche. But not just any niche.
It had to be an area that mattered.

To figure it out I asked myself three questions.

Which topics fascinate me?
What areas allow me to write freely?
Which industries are set to evolve?

Coincidently, the answer to all three was the same: Earth and space.

The idea of exploring the Universe and using this knowledge to solve urgent matters on planet Earth holds a powerful key that can unlock unfathomable discoveries.

Vertical aeroponics and hydroponics, innovative water purification systems, and super-efficient solar cells are only a fraction of the fantastic innovations that the space industry has contributed to the world.

In many cases, we are talking about life-changing and life-saving solutions that breath vitality and hope into endangered regions.

It is all of this that got me on the exciting journey that is writing on earth and space topics.

Night photo of a lake and trees with the Milky Way in background

After this foreword, here are three reasons why you should work with me.

No Intermediaries

I work solo. You'll be communicating with me, and I'll be the one doing the work. Having no intermediaries guarantees consistency and understanding.

Variety of Content Writing Services

SEO/non-SEO content, blog posts, web copy, news articles, native advertising, press releases. Others upon agreement.

Experience with Agencies and Individuals

I've worked equally well with agencies and individual clients so I can follow briefings or work from scratch.


Athletes get judged by their records, entrepreneurs—by the success of their ventures, and writers—by the quality of their work. Don't just take my word for it! See for yourself whether my talents match your needs. Here are a few samples of my writing.

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still on the fence?

Test Assignment

If you are still undecided about whether you can trust me, I'll be happy to do a test job. If you don't like it, you won't pay!

Academic Background

With a B. A. in Journalism and a Master's in PR, you can rest assured that I've got the professional and academic experience to do an excellent job.

Certified in Market Research

Does your business serve a peculiar niche? Do you need content for a specific audience? Even if that's the case, I know my way around market research and target personas.

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